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The Gift of Femininity

Originally published by Hermitage Press is now in its second edition printing under the new title: 

God's Call to Women

Messages of Wisdom and Inspiration
Dr. Christine Anne Mugridge

Here is a treasury of collected testimonies shared  by some of the preeminent Catholic women leaders of our day.

This book and the lives it highlights, is a celebration as the author/editor Dr. Mugridge suggests, of the fruitful return of the pontificate of John Paul II in the Church and society. It is likewise a study of the rebirth of the authentic theology of woman.

As is noted in the historical book, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, by John Paul II:

It is very significant… that the authentic theology of woman is being reborn. The spiritual beauty, the particular genius of women is being rediscovered. The bases of consolidation of the position of women in life, not only family life but also social and cultural life, are being redefined (cf. p.217).

This collective has been prepared to offer the reader the enjoyable opportunity to enter into the hearts and minds of twelve very gifted women. To understand not only how they became Catholic, for many are converts, but more importantly why they remained Catholic. It is ultimately an exploration of the struggle both personal and communal which all women face when they attempt to discover their gift and talents, as they blossom forth in the gift of femininity in their response to God’s Call to Women today.

In these spiritual memoirs, twelve Catholic women - Joanna Bogle, Dr. Ronda Chervin, Jo Croissant, Marika Gubasci,  Kimberly Hahn, Genevieve Kineke, Chiara Lubich, Dr. Susan Muto,  Maureen Roach, Joy Shiroi, Dr. Alice von Hildebrand,  and Mercedes Arzu Wilson - share about their journeys to Christ. They discuss in-depth their call  to serve in the Lay Apostolate of the Church. The stories bear witness  to the wise use of their gifts to advance the Gospel Message.  The memories and reflections of these outstanding Catholic women  will inspire and instruct you.

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